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Box ist ein Online-Filesharing, Content-Management und Collaboration-Service.

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This donation provides 10 perpetual user licenses for Box Starter Edition. The licenses do not expire or need to be renewed. See the Subscription Details tab for more information about the subscription.

Benefits for Organizations

You can use Box to Speed up collaboration by allowing users to access, share, and review time-sensitive work in the cloud in real time from any device, instead of through traditional file-transfer applications and internal servers

Manage programs more efficiently by consolidating all files in a single platform that allows for collaboration and file sharing with both internal and external stakeholders

Streamline funding development and partnerships if you work at a foundation by creating a grant submission and approval process with Box

Manage geographically dispersed staff and beneficiaries by creating folder structures with content specific to regional offices

Read success stories and visit the Box community for nonprofits to learn how other nonprofits are using Box.

Major Capabilities

  • File sharing: Share and access your files from anywhere on any device without a VPN. In addition to the Box web app, accessible via any platform, Box offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.
  • Desktop sync: All of your files can be securely and automatically synced between your desktop and your online Box folders with Box's apps for Windows and Mac.
  • Collaboration: Box supports document version history, real-time updates, email notifications, comments, and tasks.
  • Security: You can configure permissions and privileges for all types of users to restrict their access. Data stored on Box is protected with SSL, 256-bit AES encryption and meets both EU and Swiss Safe Harbor certification.
  • Software integration: Use Box apps to access content in Box through other applications like Microsoft Office and Office 365. Box for Office and Google Docs helps you open, edit, and share Box files directly from those applications. See available Box apps.

You can learn more on Box's website.


Box provides phone and online support.

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Obtaining This Product

When Stifter-helfen approves your donation request, we will send a message to your organization email address with instructions for obtaining and activating this product.


Subscription Details

System Requirements: Web browser and Internet connection

Storage Limits: 100 GB total storage space; 2 GB maximum file size. Perpetual Licenses: This donation provides 10 perpetual licenses. They do not expire or need to be renewed. Existing Subscribers: You can request this donation only if you do not already have a paid Box subscription. Previewing Box: You can try Box by signing up for a free Box Personal Edition account. If you request this offer, you will have to create a Box Starter account using a different email address from the one used to create your Personal account.

Was muss ich tun, wenn ich eine box IT-Spende zurückgeben möchte?

IT-Spenden des Cloud-Services box können nicht erstattet werden. Wir betrachten diese IT-Spende als aktiviert und in Gebrauch, sobald wir Ihre Anfrage als förderberechtigt eingestuft haben und die Verwaltungsgebühr erhalten haben.

Was muss ich tun, um meine box Lizenzen zu erneuern?

Eine Lizenzerneuerung ist im box IT-Spendenprogramm nicht möglich, da eine dauerhafte Lizenz zur Verfügung gestellt wird.

Welchen technischen Support kann meine Organisation von erhalten?

Für technische Fragen und Fehlerbehebungen können Organisationen den Support-Bereich der box Internetseite nutzen.

Wann kann ich mit der Lieferung der box IT-Spenden rechnen?

Für die Aktivierung der Produktspende ist eine Registrierung durch Ihre Organisation bei box erforderlich. Sie werden innerhalb weniger Tage nach Zahlungseingang per E-Mail über das weitere Vorgehen informiert.
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  • Förderzeitraum: einmalig
  • Fördervolumen: maximal 1 Lizenz

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September 2015
Box stellt im Rahmen seines IT-Spendenprogramms förderberechtigten Organisationen sein Content-Management und seinen Kollaboration-Service als IT-Spende zur Verfügung.
Mit diesem Cloud-Service lassen sich Dokumente verwalten, gemeinsam bearbeiten und teilen.

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